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The parent who wants NEVERWHERE banned, wants it banned for this scene, and this scene alone. A scene too R-Rated for the parent to even describe on TV.

I’m posting it for anyone who is thinking that Neverwhere must be PRETTY HOT STUFF. This is your half-page of raunch.

For those of you going “whoa, I bet it gets even hotter after this…” it doesn’t. That was it. Some drunken adulterous jumper-fumbling and three fucks by two people on a bench we will never meet again. And then on with Richard’s story…

I am reading this for a challenged books project for my Master’s in Library. The good news is that, as far as I have found, it was not banned and returned to shelves. Enjoying the BBC adaptation while I drive or clean house. Awesome cast! I want James McAvoy to narrate the funny parts of my life and Benedict Cumberbatch to narrate the serious parts.

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