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The parent who wants NEVERWHERE banned, wants it banned for this scene, and this scene alone. A scene too R-Rated for the parent to even describe on TV.

I’m posting it for anyone who is thinking that Neverwhere must be PRETTY HOT STUFF. This is your half-page of raunch.

For those of you going “whoa, I bet it gets even hotter after this…” it doesn’t. That was it. Some drunken adulterous jumper-fumbling and three fucks by two people on a bench we will never meet again. And then on with Richard’s story…

I am reading this for a challenged books project for my Master’s in Library. The good news is that, as far as I have found, it was not banned and returned to shelves. Enjoying the BBC adaptation while I drive or clean house. Awesome cast! I want James McAvoy to narrate the funny parts of my life and Benedict Cumberbatch to narrate the serious parts.


Presenting: the moment I almost threw myself off the damn boat.

Fun fact, Jon wouldn’t dress up as a cowboy for Cowboy Night, he just put on a button-down shirt and tied a bandana around his face and changed after like fifteen minutes… but for this joke on Movie Night? He’s ALL ABOUT the cowboy look.

(this is not my video, fyi. My camera died right as they came out that night and that’s how I learned it hadn’t been charging the whole trip when I thought it was)

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